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Bronear is a supplier of premium men's watches and fashion accessories. All of our products have been designed with the modern man in mind.

Our Mission: To redefine what it means to look and feel Classic. As defined in the Dictionary, Classic is to have lasting significance or worth; enduring. Traditionally, your significance within society has been measured against the value of your assets which is the sum of the perceived value of appearance, created by the perceived value of owned, expensive cars, watches, jewelry and other such assets.

Our outlook is quite different: We should never be the result of our belongings, our belongings are an extension of our individuality and a result of us. Our products are not assets, we are an asset because of them. The Bronear team believe that to look and feel Classic shouldn't be the result of trailing zero's in a bank account. It shouldn't be acquired. The Modern Classic is a birth right, a feeling, an attitude and a conscious effort to look and feel as an individual.

At Bronear, we endeavour to provide our customers with quality and affordable men's watches and other fashion accessories. Whether you prefer tattoos and skinny jeans, or combed-back hair and expensive suits, our products are designed to accompany your individuality.

Bronear operate out of Johannesburg, South Africa - the City of Gold. We plan to launch in multiple countries within the next little while.

We pride ourselves on exemplary customer service and clear communication.

If you would like to contact us directly please either use our Bronear social page's below, otherwise use the contact us form.

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