Simple Guide to Choosing a Watch

Posted on August 08 2016

Something has always fascinated me about the way a man dresses his wrist. It's the status symbol he extends beyond the conversation he is having with me. There are the special brands I particularly enjoy that are classic and simple, they don't catch the eye of the fancy but rather the man with discerning taste.

If you are just getting into watches, you'll likely be driven by the visual appeal. With the millions of brands and time pieces on offer its easy to find something that looks good, in fact one of the watches I get the most compliments on is the cheapest watch I have ever purchased a Swatch Touch Skull. Great little piece that didn't cost me an arm (see what I did there) or a leg.

I am still no expert and definitely not ready to spend my budget on the icons of the watch world including Panerai and U-Boat and so i've written this little guide to help you choose the watch that wont break the bank but will play the part.

The key areas to selecting a wrist watch should look at function, form, fit mechanics and price. When the last area becomes irrelevant, so to will this guide be irrelevant.


Identifying the role of your wrist piece will define the rest of the criteria. If you are a hard working man, who is hands on in every sense of the word from a day to day, your time piece is going to be completely functional. Looking for something that keeps time accurate and simple is going to be something you should prioritise. Flash is not for you and wrecking a timeless piece is going to continuously irritate you and distract from its function.

Some great pieces to look at from Bronear for the man who favours a practical piece:
Bronear Grifon Bronear Imogen










Once you have decided on function, looking for design matters. How will the form fit the function? A dress watch has its place at the formal functions in your life, its designed to slide beneath the sleeve of your fitting suits, showcasing its beautiful face for a short glance over and easy whisky with the boys. It says a lot without being loud and invasive. It catches the eye enough to start a conversation but isn't the main event.

When you are looking to bring the timepiece front and centre its time to start looking into an oversized range. Fits the casual setting and defines a certain style. Granted only a few can pull this piece off, when you do it pulls off well. Its a bold statement suited for a bigger wrist.

Some of the better time pieces for the dressy occasion:

Bronear FaradayBronear Rondo

Bronear Napier

For the man with the penchant for the oversized: 

Bronear Vaguard  Bronear Valkyrie



Briefly touching on fit earlier, certain watches are suited to certain builds and characters. If you you lean toward the tall and well ..lean, you should look to the sleeker range that ties into the lines of your frame. You are not your watch, your watch is you, an extension of your persona, but not the definition of it. Look to watches that reflect that and do not detract from the man who wields time.

Here are some great size options:


Bronear Monarch









Bronear Roebuck









There is something industrial about seeing the inner workings and mechanics of a time piece. You literally watch the manufacture of seconds (again an exceptional play on words), and that attracts attention as you lock into the inner workings of the mechanisms. Skeleton design is becoming more main stream as we look into the precision of time.

These watches are great for form and multi function fitting both the workplace and the the epic first date, dressed to impress.

Some of the great mechanical selections from Bronear:

Bronear RamsayBronear Rondo

Bronear Vandal


Setting a budget is a great idea at the beginning of your watch journey. It is a milestone to keep in check as you build your watch portfolio overtime. As you make your way through the time of your life it will be great to record the first purchases and see how far you have come. Each time piece is a milestone in your personal roadmap of taste, time and income. Bronear is a great entry point to the time pieces that you will look back on fondly.

As you start to spend your disposable income, spend it on something that you won't dispose of.

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