Our Fascination With Watches

Posted on April 28 2016

Men have forever been absolutely gobsmacked with the control, or rather the recording of time. Being able to record something we could once only relentlessly witness digs deep into the male psyche and grants a sense of control, where the reality is we cannot control, but only know and attempt to understand. We simply have the ability to control our lifestyle around the inevitable.

Since the first mainspring timepiece was developed in the late 1500's, watches have grown, transformed and revolutionised along with us. We've moved into an age of digitalisation. There are still watch manufacturers using the mechanical approach to watch making and they serve a dedicated niche of the market but the general trend and design of watches is fascinating. Customers are after watches which represent their individuality more then they are after watches to represent the time. When next you see someone with a watch, ask them for the time. Chances are they'll look at their phone or laptop before figuring out their analog watch display. Watches are an extension of our individuality.

Finding the watch that suits your individuality is a journey that will only end when you end. There will always be another one somewhere which will tear at your strings and beg you to spend on it. Some people aren't watch people and will never understand that feeling, but rest-assured you are not alone in the race for the greatest timepiece. 

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