Time Re-Designed

Posted on April 12 2016

In today's modern world, watches are far more then just an instrument used to record time, they have become an extension of our own individuality and often our only piece of functional jewelry. Our fascination with watches extends beyond simply telling the time - at any given moment we probably have access to about 3 or more sources other then a watch i.e the cellphone in our pocket, the time display on our laptop or the digital clock on the microwave. Our watch is often the last resource for time telling but yet our fascination with watches remains unrivalled by any other jewellery type.

Watches are as unique as the individuals that wear them. There are vast amounts of materials, styles, designs & movements. The creativity brewing within the industry is unfounded & its fuelled by a desire for uniqueness, a desire to exist as an individual different from the masses. The current trend towards large watches has driven manufacturers to source more light-weight metals which in the past would never have even been considered in the manufacture of time pieces. Limits and are being stretched and norms bent all in the search of identity and uniqueness. Our goal is to display to you the products of this limit stretching and norm bending.

Bronear offer men's watches and jewelry which is beyond what you may often find. If you’re into large face watches or smaller dials, if you prefer genuine leather or stainless steel we have you covered. Our aim is to offer these items to you at reasonable prices but with no sacrifice on quality.


Designed With The Modern Man In Mind

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